Dudjom Throemai Tshogbum Chhenmo was initiated in the year 2007 by Dungse Garab Rinpoche from the lineage of the Dudjom New Treasure, Nyingmapa.

This project responds to the needs of all by reciting 100,000 times of dakini merits accumulation prayers from the Krodikali's medium version. Dudjom Throemai Tshogbum Chhenmo is organized by the Organising Committee of the Dudjom Throemai Tshogbum Chhenmo is leading by the most compassionate Vajra Master, Dungse Garab Rinpoche together with the disciples of the Dudjom New Treasure lineage.

Rinpoche has the vast noble intention in propagating Dudjom lineage and to bring benefits to all sentient beings through the practice of the krodikali particularly in Bodhgaya. This is Rinpoche's dream project and let us all treasure this project together and pray extensively to reach this one goal together with rinpoche.
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好消息!2021年藏、中、西行事月曆發行囉!   此次月曆發行以: (一)電子版,於網站上發布。 (二)本中心限量發行紙本版100本,每本成本價新台幣200元整,欲請購的師兄,請至台北敦珠中 ...
2021年 農曆7月(國曆8/8-9/6) 之 教孝月僧寶節-三次大超度法會
2021年 農曆7月(國曆8/8-9/6) 之 教孝月 僧寶節  https://reurl.cc/VEYbaA   此次的報名活動截止日為國曆8/5(法會參贊報名表 請連結:https://reurl.cc/7rKvM5     ...