Dudjom Dharma House
Dudjom Dharma House
Dudjom Dharma House

The spread of Dudjom lineage occupies the most important place in Rinpoche’s heart. Apart from erecting the Dharma banners all over Bhutan, he is also planting the seed of Buddhadharma worldwide.

Rinpoche has gradually been establishing Chod practice groups in Bhutan so that by now there are already 25 groups all over the country. The group members are all lay practitioners who on every auspicious day- 10th and 25th days of the lunar calendar- gather together to practice Chod. Each group has more than 500 members, some even over 1000.

最新消息 & 活動
2017年 普巴金剛利刃觸滅 甘露竹千大成就法會
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2017年 5~6月份 行事曆
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